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Jomari Kenrick is a well-connected figure among today’s Singapore music scene , He’s been committed to the art of DJing since he first listened to mixes from DJs on the radio as a teenager while growing up in Singapore . Dig into our interview with the one and only Jamari Kenrick below, where he discusses his early DJ days, and the music he love .


Instagram: @jmr.knrck

Tell us something about yourself and when did you truly become interested in music?                                                                                                                                 

I was in a band when I was 11 with my best friends in the Philippines. We used to play small time gigs in bars. It requires me to be really flexible in my selection of music and hence, it made me enjoy music ever since.

"Music also allow the artists to portray their feelings and emotions"

It has the power to change a person personality in a snap depending on what kind of music you listen. Music also allow the artists to portray their feelings and emotions. You get what I mean? 

Share with us your favorite genre of music ?                                                             

 I’m still a Old Skool Hip-Hop lover kinda guy. But I also love the new homies who just entered into the industry. Like Joey Badass, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Joyner Lucas etc. Also look up to a lot of DJs from Locals and International region. We have DJ Craze, DJ Fvder, Jazzy Jazz, DJ K, DJ Gravity, DJ Ollie Des & DJ Rattle as well. These are the people who made me strive really hard to reach my goals. Whenever i see them play with the decks, it just made me want to be the best.

 Tell us whats next for you?                                                                                           

Of course every DJ wants to be known by millions of people; cause this is what we do. We make people forget about the negativity and dance it off on the dance floor. But if have the chance, I wanna design my very own clothing line. This is because i love fashion as much as I love DJ-ing. Fashion plays a part in every perspective of life, and you can’t say no to that. Hahaha.

 " Fashion plays a part in every perspective of life "