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Christian checks in with DEBLANC to talk about the lives and minds of a street photographer.

Instagram: @kidkulxfu

In our latest interview, we took a look inside the inspirations and and upbringing of street photographer, Christian (@kidkulxfu). He recently became a hot topic for his clean and edgy photos. And he is only age 21.

When did you first became interested in photography?

I got interested in photography when i was only 10 years old. I always love the feeling of holding a DSLR and when i saw my uncle uploading quality photos to facebook, i asked him if he could teach me on how to operate a semi-pro DSLR. Back in the days, he loaned me his Canon Semi-Pro camera and will always bring me along to his small gigs. It was then where i joined him, and shot around with his crew. Eventually, i got addicted to photography.

You love photography because?

It forces me to socialized with the people around. Especially in today's generation, with the advancement of social media, i am able to connect with tons of people around the photography and modelling industry. Usually, we would meet up and exchange in-depth knowledge, skills and experience.

"With every clicks of the shutter button, i am able to create memories and share my emotions through the photos."

Mostly importantly, photography helps me through my tough times and helped to get my bills paid.

You look up to?

I do look up to a couple of people like Kevin Bar a.k.a @moonboy._ cause of his videos, @khairulazmas because he taught me a lot through his “street meets” and small photo taking sessions; where he taught me on how to color grade photos. Also Anton @mellowedhigh as he is the one who inspired me to further pursue my photography. Just naming a few names here as there are tons of other photographer who i look up to. 

Favorite photography spot?

I just got back from Hong Kong and it was amazing. So i think it is my current favorite photography spot. 

What is next for you?

Probably in the future, after completion of my National Service, i will migrate somewhere else and further improve on my photography and videography skills. I would definitely want to pursue higher education to make my parents proud.